Abstracting & Title Research

When it comes to Title Research and Abstract services, we wrote the book on thoroughness and accuracy. BETA Land Services offers complete abstracting services in a manner that can be tailored to meet the specific title requirements of a project anywhere in the country. Since abstracting and title research are cornerstone components of the services we offer, The BETA Way includes a detailed process with sample documents, guidelines and requirements that must be followed by all of our landmen in order to submit a title package.

BETA Land Services title packages generally contain an ownership report, plat, tax assessment, flowchart showing complete chain of title, and title documents before they are submitted. Full abstracts on real property are generally researched from severance. Our research is almost always done locally, through county records. We rarely research exclusively online due to inconsistencies in indexing, incomplete records or limits on age of documents available through most online resources.

It is this attention to detail that makes BETA Land Services a favorite among energy producers and pipeline companies, and their attorneys. When combined with TotaLand – which offers secure 24/7 access to all your project data – work is more accurate and moves faster, helping make projects more successful. This speed and accuracy has become a benchmark for which BETA Land Services is well-known.