Due Diligence

For almost 90% of our clients, we work for free. That’s because the due diligence work we do is so – well, diligent – that we almost always pay for ourselves. Since 2010 we have provided our services in multiple property acquisitions with an aggregated value totaling almost $18.5 billion dollars. These transactions vary in size from single wells to acquisitions involving thousands of producing wells, covering lands across the United States, as well as the Gulf of Mexico (shelf and deep water properties).

Our function in a property acquisition is similar to our function in exploration. As a professional land services company we are very proficient at abstracting titles, researching regulatory agency files and reviewing title opinions. This experience includes expertise in researching all phases of lease records and division order files, as well as reviewing production histories and contracts related to the property.

However, in a property acquisition, the purpose and scope of a due diligence project can be a moving target. Cost considerations and time must be balanced against quantifiable risk (including escalating regulatory and compliance requirements). We provide clients with the capability of reviewing, analyzing and estimating costs for the due diligence process in the early evaluation stage of an acquisition. We then can define the best process for the inquiry.

BETA Land Services staff uses its experience and knowledge to review what has been done in the past and to make decisions as to its application and effect upon the proposed acquisition. It is this experience and knowledge that, when closely coordinated with the activities of the examining attorney(s) and company landman, enables BETA Land Services staff to confidently handle any matters that arise in the acquisition process.

Perhaps the most difficult part of the acquisition process is the incorporation of the property into the new owner’s management system. BETA Land Services can assist with integration of data into your land/property system as part of a complete package of due diligence services and post-acquisition follow-up. You can count on BETA Land Services and our extensive experience to provide an efficient, trouble-free transition of the property of the new owner.