Right of Way / Pipeline

At BETA Land Services, we specialize in acquiring rights-of-way for pipeline and other projects. When you need someone to clear the way, we’re your team. Bryan Hanks’ grandfather began a family history in the oil and gas industry years ago. A lifelong industry professional, he retired from Columbia Gulf as a landman after beginning his career at the company by actually digging rights-of-way. Now, decades later, BETA Land Services continues a tradition of hard work and results started by Bryan’s grandfather way back when.

Today at BETA Land Services, we pay special attention at all stages of the process to ensure that our clients’ goals are being met while establishing positive relationships with landowners, government officials and clients. The BETA Way includes management strategies and best practices from start to the successful conclusion of right-of-way acquisition, including route selection, survey coordination, appraisal, data management, stakeholder communications and contract negotiations including shared easements, restoration and disposition.

Multiple BETA staff are members of IRWA and hold the SR/WA Senior Right-of-Way Professional certification. We have substantial experience coordinating with government offices at federal, state and local levels for permitting and environmental matters (water sources, protected lands, habitat and restoration) in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act.

If you need to secure rights-of-way for Pipelines, communication or power distribution, equipment access, or other needs, BETA's staff has the experience to assist or coordinate the entire project. Contact us today for your right-of-way needs.