Title Curative

The fact is, providing experienced title curative services for our clients is one of the most important things we do, because title curative often presents more opportunities for failure than any other aspect of land work. Our clients are happy we do it very well. Our curative staff offers professional title curative services and insight into everyday curative matters, as well as being available to assist in avoiding future title curative problems during the acquisition process. The BETA Way includes procedures for prioritizing and managing all curative requirements. Managing to this approach, classifying requirements for significance, assigning priorities and appropriately assessing risk are the tools that enable us to address timing, cost, threats and potential consequences as needed to ensure positive outcomes for our clients.

The BETA Land Services curative team will coordinate with the operating company in decisions concerning the waiver or demotion of curative requirements, perform detailed review and analysis of all title documents, and assist in communication, litigation, and production of quality curative documents of record that fully repair or clarify chain of title issues. And, we will ensure approved documents are placed in public records in the county where the lands are located to prevent the same issues from occurring in future drilling projects.